Ashtanga: Eight Limbs of Yoga

Ashtanga - Eight limbed path of Yoga Ashtanga (means eight-limbed) is systematic path of Yoga, by Maharish Patanjali in his work "Yoga Sutra". These eight limbs are not eight steps as usually understood. They are limbs of this particular path of self-realisation. Yoga has focus on development and nourishment of both mind and body, thus these eight limbs are guidelines related to these areas only. Yama Yama are social rules. They are about your should deal with the society around you. Following these person rules for social conduct elevate your mental and moral strength. Yamas are 5 in number. They [...]

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Four paths of Yoga

Table of contents: Intro to four paths of Yoga Jnana(Gyana) Yoga Bhakti Yoga Karma Yoga Raja Yoga Relation between different paths of Yoga The Paths of Yoga The understanding of Yoga has acceptance that as there are different human bodies, so is different human nature. A single approach is not suitable for everyone. As there are different temperament or approaches to life, so are there different paths of Yoga. These paths of yoga are basically main schools which are different from each other with way they approach the concept of practice of yoga. There are many paths of yoga, but [...]

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