How about ghee based sweets this festive season?

One of main topics that came up for discussion many times was ‘sweets(mithai)’ on festive season of Diwali. Almost always, in end what it lead to was a resounding decision to watch the sweets. Not to eat anything with word sweet in it (or even a hint of sugar in it. ) This awareness about being healthy is appreciative. But, I think how you approach it, should be decided with sound reasoning. A little history Diet in Indian subcontinent was always carbohydrate heavy. Ghee, sweets etc. also formed an important part of the diet. Plus, looking beyond last 25 years, there [...]

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Yoga Cushions – How to choose the right cushion

Why do we need yoga cushions? While you are practising meditation or pranayama, sitting in a cross-legged position is recommended position. The difficult part is that sitting in such a position isn’t easy for everyone. This is especially true when you are new to the practice of yoga. Yoga cushions are there to help if sitting cross-legged is difficult on its own. A yoga cushion is designed to provide support, comfort, and stability during your yoga practice. It can help improve alignment, reduce strain on joints, and assist with proper posture during meditation and various yoga poses. How to sit [...]

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Pregnancy Nutrition Infographic

Why special focus on pregnancy nutrition? In our daily routine, whatever we consume only effects us. But this is not applicable to nutrition consumed during pregnancy. Whatever the expecting mother consumes, also effects the child directly. And of these changes are life long. This is an undergoing medical research field, called science of genetics : Epigenetics(Wikipedia) It would be wrong to draw sweeping conclusions from these researches, so we will take understandable and logical conclusion in addition to what we know. Quite simply, we are what we eat. An unborn child is getting nutrition from the mother. In addition to that, [...]

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What health issues can be cured by yoga ?

Health issues as reason of doing yoga: When most of us start to practice yoga for firs time, rarely we do that due to natural inclination for yoga. Though, there is high possibility, that a yogic way of life and approach for health will be developed over time, but that is rarely the target when we are just starting out. As compared to yoga, other activities like gymming, running, any sport is what people do for health or vanity(looking good in fashionable clothing) purpose. From my interaction with scores of individuals, most of them are there, because, either they had some [...]

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Yoga benefits explained-Simple Infographic

What and why of benefits: There are many, many posts, books and articles about benefits of yoga. So much so, that they are segregated according to practice that you do. Now, we know that Yoga is beneficial, but can’t we have this information in a simple format? This post is to share one piece of article, beautifully crafted and presented in awesome infographic. This article appeared in the huffington post read here. This is in one long printable poster format. It has listed nearly every benefit, that practice of yoga, gives to our body. It’s a long list, researched by [...]

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Meditation is easy

What is meditation? Meditation, a simple word. but enter this word in google search box and we will be facing pages and pages of search results. Which more often than not, creates confusion. It seems as if there is some in depth knowledge required to practice meditation. This isn’t true. So what is meditation? As normally believed, it’s not about forcing your mind to be empty of thoughts and concentrating on your breath (or deity or anything for that matter). At least this is not how to approach meditation. Meditation means dissociation from thoughts, not emptiness of thoughts. When you [...]

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Restorative yoga- what is it?

What is restorative yoga ? Restorative yoga or gentle yoga is name given to postures, which are improvised according to body to practitioner who is doing them. This is mainly done to restoration of the said practitioner, who is approaching yoga to heal weak body parts or because due to age, they are not able to do normal practice. So within itself, restorative yoga isn’t a special or different kind of yoga but a term coined to denote the purpose of this practice. So how is it done? In simplest form, you use support and get in postures as gently as [...]

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Q: Can hormonal imbalance be cured ?

Can hormonal imbalance be cured by suryanamaskar? This post is in response to a question asked on Q & A site Quora (here). I will try explain this answer to set up proper perspective about yoga (which in general understanding means doing asana and pranayama mostly). And what it can do for human body. There are two situations in which yoga has limited capacity: When we have a genetic or hereditary condition, like hair line, height etc. Even in this with proper diet, proper lifestyle and yogic mindset, you can reach upto you potential and sometimes even surpass it. When [...]

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Your sitting posture is hurting you!!

How our sitting posture effects our back Our back muscles are not weak to begin with. And till (mainly) last decade, back problems without any injury were unheard off. It’s only over time, due to lifestyle changes , that it becomes weak and problem starts. Mostly this weakness starts from small things we ignore in beginning, like how we sit & lack of movement of our back muscles (esp. lower back). Slowly, these muscles harden up and get reduced supply of blood. and that leads to slow onset of problems in muscles, tendons and nerves in back region. In current scenario, these [...]

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Savasana-relaxing your way to health

Savasana ( shavasana or corpse pose) is by definition the easiest of all asana to practice. And herein lies the irony. It is most difficult asana to practice. Maybe this post will be able to change that about your practice of savasana :) Why do we do savasana ? There are plenty of reasons, each equally strong. As per hath yoga pradipika: “Lying flat on the ground with the face upwards, in the manner of a dead body, is shavasana. It removes tiredness and enables the mind (and whole body) to relax.” Source : here. This everyone knows, but then how is it [...]

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