Common Yoga Protocol – (English & Hindi)

Common Yoga Protocol (CYP)

What is CYP?

Common Yoga Protocol or CYP for short is a document & video, published by Ministry of AYUSH(Government of India) to make learning and practice of Yoga simple and accessible to all.

common yoga protocol

This document was prepared with the consultation of leading Yoga experts and head of eminent Yoga institutions.

The CYP makes learning of Yoga simple as available to all.

The document ( & video released by MDINY) as wealth of information about history of Yoga, history & development of Yoga, fundamentals of yoga, benefits & certain selected asanas with short details.

There is a section about general guideline for practice of Yoga.

Asanas and practices mentioned in CYP have been carefully selected to form a cultured practice to give maximum benefits to diverse group of practitioners.

The CYP is an effort to connect people to Yoga with a brief yet precise intro to yoga.

Above all else, this information and video is accessible and freely available to all.

Is it useful?

Short answer: Yes it is useful to read CYP at least once.

Even if you are a Yoga graduate and know all the stuff that is given in the CYP.  Quite simply the reason is that, this is a structured information booklet, useful for anyone who is new to field of Yoga.

Which means, even as a Yoga professional you can use it as a validated guidebook which you can forward/show/ask to read to anyone.

Download CYP

You can download the CYP free of any kind of charge. Please do feel free to share it with people who will benefit from this carefully crafted material and good introduction to Yoga.

Download here:

CYP – English

CYP – Hindi  – Common Yoga Protocol official Hindi Language version.

MDINY(under Ministry of AYUSH)  has also uploaded couple of videos on Common Yoga Protocol on youtube. There are two version mainly: 36 min and 58 min.

36 min version:

58 min version:


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