The act of giving

Swami Sivananda said, “Do charity-amounting to at least one tenth of your income or six Paise per Rupee. Happiness comes to him who gives happiness to others.”

And I have seen good examples in front of me by more able and gracious people. This page is devoted to such acts.

Right now this is start of such initiative, as people join the cause, we will have more formal structure in place.

The two causes:

Being into the act make me more sympathetic to the cause. Thankfully, I have couple of causes which are happening nearby.

One of such cause is which takes care of homeless abandoned old people and giving them care when they need the most.  You can visit the link to know more details.  For tax-exempt receipt, you can donate on their site.

The other one doesn’t have a website. It is once in a month activity organised near central delhi, for blind people, by a loose group of people from all over the delhi. These people are served breakfast and then handed over new clothings & other required stuff. There is no formal structure and people donate what they can.

Once in a month, I pool together a part and also the money donated for these cause by people in my circle, and buy usable stuff for both causes and visit to hand it over there.

If you want to pool in, you can do that by dropping a mail to me.

There is no fixed amount. Please donate only what you feel comfortable. Every small amount matters.