“Quiet the mind,
and the soul will speak.”
~Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

1. You can do it anywhere, anytime:

Meditation is awareness. About now. About yourself. Nothing else.

Most of times, the reason you are not able to even start or think about meditation is that you have certain idea about how meditation is done.

Something like this:

Which is not true. (though it does look serene :)

As such meditation doesn’t require specific setting, sitting etc. Meditation requires you!

You can easily meditate on the chair (yes, the chair you are sitting on right now).

There is one rule: Choose a posture which keeps you alert.

Meditation requires awareness and slouchy back or even lying on bed is certainly not conducive for being aware.

2. You don’t need particular technique to meditate:

This is one of most misunderstood concept of meditation. Just to clear the air, once and for all:

There are several ways to meditate, you choose whatever suits your internal nature.

A simple meditation technique you can try, right now

If you in sitting position while reading this article, sit straight and alert. If you are reading on recliner/bed, sit!

Bring your focus on tip of your nose, keep your observation there .. Inhale!

Keep your observation there

Slowly (with control)……… Exhale!

Repeat 5 more times, each time taking more time to exhale.

Now bring your focus on your mind, how do you feel? Slowed down? Calm? Better energised?

Great! You just did a great favor to your mind and your body :)

You can read about various meditation techniques at the end of this article.

Advice: Don’t jump from one technique to other. Consistency is the key. Whichever technique you choose, you are bound to feel bored/lazy sometimes. It is normal, keep meditating.

3. With each practice, You FEEL better:

This point can’t be overemphasised.

It has been proven by research, as well as from personal experiences of practitioners, explained in books and loads of websites(here).

It will make you feel better, whatever your situation & wherever you are!

source: flickr

4. It builds your mental muscle: Meditation does to your mind, what excercise does to your body.

Life is full of ups and downs, and it requires mental grit to be able to pass through these phases of life. A strong mind, like a strong body, is much more resilient to stress and tensions.

When you meditate, your mind gets time to slow down and observe. That helps in clearing the onslaught of information and thoughts. You get clarity of thoughts.

source pixabay

5. You start living, a richer life: This benefit is something, that you need to experience yourself, to understand.

Just like sunlight can’t be properly explained to someone who hasn’t seen one with his own eye. The internal feeling of calmness, contentment, clarity, harmony is something that language will fail to properly convey.


Meditation techniques

As mentioned above there are many ways to meditate depending on internal nature.

An active person won’t feel comfortable, if made to sit for 1 hour on floor. For him, selfless service maybe much closer approach to meditate.A natural thinker, will feel much comfortable when silently watching mind like an external observer (or some similar approach).

You can learn about various techniques of meditation in following links:

Live and Dare

Mind Body Green

So, approach it with open mind. Try out 2–3 ways and then stick with one that feels better.

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