What is meditation?

Meditation, a simple word. but enter this word in google search box and we will be facing pages and pages of search results. Which more often than not, creates confusion. It seems as if there is some in depth knowledge required to practice meditation. This isn’t true.

So what is meditation? As normally believed, it’s not about forcing your mind to be empty of thoughts and concentrating on your breath (or deity or anything for that matter). At least this is not how to approach meditation.

Meditation means dissociation from thoughts, not emptiness of thoughts. When you dissociate from thoughts, it means, you no longer identify yourself with them. You just let your let go of control on your thoughts, let your imagination run wild. You just OBSERVE. And thus meditation happens to you.

you become an impassive observer, of your minds, it’s acrobatics, let it wander. but you don’t wander along with it. just watch. like you watch a child playing around. don’t stop.

even if you join in with thoughts, don’t fret over it. come back and start observing as soon as you become aware of it.

slowly, thoughts will slow down, and period of silence will start to appear. even then don’t let to take away your focus. let them grow. and then there you are meditating. able to just being there. allowing life itself to be there, like a flower in garden. being there for itself.