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Yoga shows the way

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Yoga shows the way

Yoga shows the way:

This quote is by Swami Vishnudevananda, the founder of Sivananda Yoga Ashrams worldwide and author of NY Times bestseller “The complete illustrated guide to Yoga”.

This simple quote within itself is like a sutra.

It needs to be explored, exploded and experienced to understand properly.

In a way, this quote highlights an important part of the attained mind. Making things simple yet profound.

We know what the word yoga means, and what it denotes.

But […]

How to start teaching yoga?

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Teach Yoga:

Whatever your point of entry in the field of yoga as a student, once you have practised long enough, you get inspired to teach.

The inspiration can be:

  • from observing your yoga teacher,
  • as next progressive step for growth in yoga or
  • maybe to take yoga as a career.

In all three, as the path you are choosing is Yoga, it comes with certain responsibilities.

Why what is so special just because the field is yoga?

The reason is simple: Yoga is […]

Why Yoga certification is going to be important

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Yoga Certification Scheme

Yoga certification

The Yoga certification scheme by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India is an important step to present a unified code of professionalism to, till now, the unorganized field of Yoga Teaching.

The main aim of this scheme is to evaluate and certify yoga professionals to either as Level 1 (Instructor) or Level 2 ( Teacher).

This raises an important question:

Why a standard yoga certification scheme?

Yoga is a way of life for personal […]

Your many ailments are due to wrong breathing habit!!

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Wrong breathing? How?

No, you didn’t read wrong. Wrong breathing habit, is more common then we like to believe. And it’s mostly undetected.

So, let’s analyse, what is this wrong breathing habit being referred to here?

Take a deep breath!

Now, observe how you did it!!

What did you actually do? Did you inhale as long as possible, while lifting the chest area(in some case even shoulders), filling in your lungs? If little more aware, you must have sat straight (if not already) while doing so.


  • After this breath, did you focus on […]

How to be less anxious?

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety or being anxious is one of the negative outcomes of being stressed. Stress is an emotional response to pressures we feel in life and anxiety is our response to stress itself. There are many other effects of stress, why anxiety takes centre stage?

Because Anxiety is when fear overcomes other emotions as a response to stress. The apprehension itself limits the person’s capacity to think something much productive in such state. Moreover, it has been found that anxiety leads to depression over a period of time, […]

Yoga for stress relief: How yoga helps in gently taking care of stress issues

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Stress: How and why of it

Stress? Me, I don’t take stress or no, I work out my stress and thus it doesn’t affect me. That is the most common response we say to ourselves, whenever there is talk about stress. And the main reason for this is not hard to find. We have skewed knowledge about what stress is. The scientific details (long and boring 🙂 )are here at wiki. Or, skip this link and read on 🙂

Yoga stress relief

How […]

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