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Four paths of Yoga

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The Paths of Yoga

Four paths of Yoga

The understanding of Yoga has acceptance that as there are different human bodies, so is different human nature. A single approach is not suitable for everyone.

As there are different temperament or approaches to life, so are there different paths of Yoga. These paths of […]

Yoga Mat: How to chose right one for awesome practice

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[Updated August 2018]

And curated list of best yoga mats

Yoga Mat

yoga mat

When you practice yoga, there is one constant companion for each class, without fail : your Yoga Mat.  

In earlier times, when Yoga was practiced only in ashrams, folded blankets were used as base for deeper practice. Or even Kusha grass before that. Which is not the case anymore. Now you have yoga mats in yoga studios, throughout the world.

One of the main reason is the scarcity and cost of […]

How to sit cross-legged when you are not flexible?

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Sitting cross-legged (Padmasana or Sukhasana)




Sitting cross-legged on the floor or on a mat is one of the most preferred sitting postures for practising pranayama and meditation.

Any image that shows someone sitting in meditation is by and large in cross legged position (Padmasana or Sukhasana). This is not without reason. Sitting cross-legged position on floor is based on fundamental approach of Yogic practices.

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Common Yoga Protocol – (English & Hindi)

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Common Yoga Protocol (CYP)

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What is CYP?

Common Yoga Protocol or CYP for short is a document & video, published by Ministry of AYUSH(Government of India) to make learning and practice of Yoga simple and accessible to all.

common yoga protocol

This document was prepared with the consultation […]

Recommended book – Reversing heart disease (read excerpts)

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Reversing heart disease

I have recently finished reading this book for around 5th time. Reversing heart disease is one such book.

Internet is filled with nearly all the information you need. This works well, if you are dealing with a specific question or query.

But, when it involves something related to your belief or understanding about ‘anything’, you need an in depth conversation.


Belief is more or less backed by your reasoning and experiences. That is the only way a thought upgrades to belief. Which means to change a belief, the […]

How to stay healthy when you don’t have time?

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“It takes me 2 hours to reach office. There is no time left to do anything other than a little walk after dinner.”

no time for yoga

This is the reality that most of the people who are living in a metropolitan city and working at a distance of more than 10-15 km. Not many of us are lucky to have an office within 10-15 min drive.

This is frustrating.  Here you are working hard to have a life where you can […]

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