Pregnancy Nutrition Infographic

Why special focus on pregnancy nutrition?

In our daily routine, whatever we consume only effects us. But this is not applicable to nutrition consumed during pregnancy. Whatever the expecting mother consumes, also effects the child directly. And of these changes are life long. This is an undergoing medical research field, called science of genetics : Epigenetics(Wikipedia)

It would be wrong to draw sweeping conclusions from these researches, so we will take understandable and logical conclusion in addition to what we know.

Quite simply, we are what we eat. An unborn child is getting nutrition from the mother. In addition to that, the expecting mother is also needs to cater to nutrition requirements of her own body. And then there are hormonal changes.

All in all, it pregnancy nutrition is not something that can be taken lightly. With this perspective, this infographic is shared here. This provides a good general guideline regarding nutrition for pregnancy. This is not my creation, this is from . You can also read the corresponding article by following this link

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