Can hormonal imbalance be cured by suryanamaskar?

This post is in response to a question asked on Q & A site Quora (here).

I will try explain this answer to set up proper perspective about yoga (which in general understanding means doing asana and pranayama mostly). And what it can do for human body.

There are two situations in which yoga has limited capacity:

  1. When we have a genetic or hereditary condition, like hair line, height etc. Even in this with proper diet, proper lifestyle and yogic mindset, you can reach upto you potential and sometimes even surpass it.
  2. When we have situation caused by accident/injury. It depends a lot on your injury and your positive mindset about how much recovery you can do.

Apart from these two situations, nearly everything else is caused by our lifestyle. This is added on by pressure/stress we put our mind and body through.

Now here is where difference in approach of yoga and medical science comes into picture. Yoga starts from core, it takes it, that you are supposed to be healthy. There are ways to stay healthy, and when you are unhealthy, it means something is off balance.

When you practice Yoga and take care of your diet and lifestyle routine, then slowly balance in your mind and body is restored. And whatever was caused by that imbalance is also taken care of. Which includes hormonal imbalance too.

What medical science do, is to look at current symptom of disease you are having and then prescribe procedure (medicines or surgery) to solve that symptom. It is expert in that. And in case of emergency, nothing beats medicine science because all their research is in that area only.

Yoga doesn’t have symptonic approach, so you can’t pick one asana for benefits that you have read and then practice that asana daily to have health benefits. You need to practice a properly structured class under trained teacher, for quite sometime and then see improvements in your overall health. What yoga does, is it keeps you healthy, energetic, and makes your light enough to really enjoy life.