Your many ailments are due to wrong breathing habit!!

Wrong breathing? How? No, you didn’t read wrong. Wrong breathing habit, is more common then we like to believe. And it’s mostly undetected. So, let’s analyse, what is this wrong breathing habit being referred to here? Take a deep breath! Now, observe how you did it!! What did you actually do? Did you inhale as long as possible, while lifting the chest area(in some case even shoulders), filling in your lungs? If little more aware, you must have sat straight (if not already) while doing so. Now: After this breath, did you focus on exhaling also? or your breath just got [...]

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Yoga Mat: How to chose right one for awesome practice

[Updated August 2018] And curated list of best yoga mats Yoga Mat When you practice yoga, there is one constant companion for each class, without fail : your Yoga Mat.   In earlier times, when Yoga was practiced only in ashrams, folded blankets were used as base for deeper practice. Or even Kusha grass before that. Which is not the case anymore. Now you have yoga mats in yoga studios, throughout the world. One of the main reason is the scarcity and cost of such rugs. The other factor is that ashram environment was totally different from what you have in your city based [...]

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