Simple tricks for weight management :)

One of most famous lines in health industry is that good bodies are built in kitchen and that we are what we eat. No doubt about it. But then things get difficult with so many different approaches to what to eat, when to eat, how many times, what to avoid, what should be ratio of protein, carbs and fat and so on and so forth. Following diet plans is difficult.period.When we start on path of healthy living, this is easy initially, but then all these calculations becomes like a chore and we fall back. Mostly, because we are dealing with [...]

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Suryanamaskar- a complete practice in itself

Suryanamaskar, along with couple of other asana, is most recognised asana sequence of yoga. And this for good reason in itself. This post is going to explore why it so? Suryanamaskar is not one asana, but a sequence of 12 postures, with one merging into other till end. A simple infographic is given below, with all due credit to original uploader. So what separates suryanamaskar from all other asana in yoga practice? First, in normal pace practice we don’t hold any posture for more than one breath (slow and deep breathing is recommended), and then you move to next posture. [...]

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