Yoga for stress relief: How yoga helps in gently taking care of stress issues

Stress: How and why of it Stress? Me, I don’t take stress or no, I work out my stress and thus it doesn’t affect me. That is the most common response we say to ourselves, whenever there is talk about stress. And the main reason for this is not hard to find. We have skewed knowledge about what stress is. The scientific details (long and boring :) )are here at wiki. Or, skip this link and read on :) How yoga helps our body to counter effects of stress: Heart Beat: Whatever the level of stress level, it directly effects our heartbeats. The [...]

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Your many ailments are due to wrong breathing habit!!

Wrong breathing? How? No, you didn’t read wrong. Wrong breathing habit, is more common then we like to believe. And it’s mostly undetected. So, let’s analyse, what is this wrong breathing habit being referred to here? Take a deep breath! Now, observe how you did it!! What did you actually do? Did you inhale as long as possible, while lifting the chest area(in some case even shoulders), filling in your lungs? If little more aware, you must have sat straight (if not already) while doing so. Now: After this breath, did you focus on exhaling also? or your breath just got [...]

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Yoga benefits explained-Simple Infographic

What and why of benefits: There are many, many posts, books and articles about benefits of yoga. So much so, that they are segregated according to practice that you do. Now, we know that Yoga is beneficial, but can’t we have this information in a simple format? This post is to share one piece of article, beautifully crafted and presented in awesome infographic. This article appeared in the huffington post read here. This is in one long printable poster format. It has listed nearly every benefit, that practice of yoga, gives to our body. It’s a long list, researched by [...]

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Suryanamaskar- a complete practice in itself

Suryanamaskar, along with couple of other asana, is most recognised asana sequence of yoga. And this for good reason in itself. This post is going to explore why it so? Suryanamaskar is not one asana, but a sequence of 12 postures, with one merging into other till end. A simple infographic is given below, with all due credit to original uploader. So what separates suryanamaskar from all other asana in yoga practice? First, in normal pace practice we don’t hold any posture for more than one breath (slow and deep breathing is recommended), and then you move to next posture. [...]

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