Health issues as reason of doing yoga:

When most of us start to practice yoga for firs time, rarely we do that due to natural inclination for yoga. Though, there is high possibility, that a yogic way of life and approach for health will be developed over time, but that is rarely the target when we are just starting out. As compared to yoga, other activities like gymming, running, any sport is what people do for health or vanity(looking good in fashionable clothing) purpose. From my interaction with scores of individuals, most of them are there, because, either they had some health issues, for which they were recommended to try yoga or it was read somewhere about benefits of yoga or meditation practice.

Now whatever the reason, i am glad that you are here, and you are still reading :). Let’s understand about the topic of this post now.

What can yoga cure?

There are only two type of health issues which yoga has low probability of helping you with, genetic issues and accident related issues.

First about accident related cases, it is suffice to say, medicine science is very developed and equipped on handling these cases. A qualified doctor should be definitely consulted in case of accident. Yoga practice will be more effective with regards to healing process and subsequently strengthening your body later on.

Now with regards to genetic issues, it is with regards to physical features that are related to height, color of skin, hair fall etc. It should not be extended to heart related, diabetes related issues. We can have higher probabilities of some health issues as compared to others, but they are not destined to happen on their own. With proper care, being healthy isn’t that difficult job at all.

Factually, apart from these two type of issues, nearly every other illness we have, is related to our lifestyle choice related. The daily lifestyle we follow due to our job profile, commuting times and other related fields, leads to consistent stress on our body and mind. This leads to lifestyle derived issues with our health in due course of time. It is not easy for us to change our lifestyle due to multiple reasons, like family commitments, job commitments etc. but that doesn’t mean we can not take precautionary measures.

What can be done?


Main benefit of yoga practice is that it takes little space and equipment to practice. Moreover, if a yoga studio is not nearby, then it can be practiced in any quite corner of our home. One point: You should learn what and how to practice under a qualified teacher before undertaking the practice yourself. For asana choice, if given a single choice, Suryanamaskar is good choice, followed by other asanas. A regular practice of yoga class helps us in fighting and then reversing the effects that modern lifestyle put on our body. Let this be one line statement about what health issues yoga can solve.

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