What and why of benefits:

There are many, many posts, books and articles about benefits of yoga. So much so, that they are segregated according to practice that you do. Now, we know that Yoga is beneficial, but can’t we have this information in a simple format?

This post is to share one piece of article, beautifully crafted and presented in awesome infographic. This article appeared in the huffington post read here. This is in one long printable poster format. It has listed nearly every benefit, that practice of yoga, gives to our body. It’s a long list, researched by various researchers and institutions.

-source -huffingtonpost

Best part mentioned in article, is that you start to get benefits from yoga practice from day one. Not after few months, weeks, or classes. This point alone is enough to make you go on your mat, one more time. These benefits are there in each class, which means,as you practice, with each class, these benefits keep on accumulating in your body, leading to bigger and better results.

Thus even if you practice a short class, doing is regularly and with consistency is more important, than doing 3 hour class one day and then skipping for rest of week. To reiterate one more point, yoga practice is not exclusive to other things you enjoy, like any other sport or adventure activity. Rather, yoga gives you energy, flexibility and easy body, which makes other activities more enjoyable to say so. Go ahead, have a session/class today. Take few like minded people with you, if you can. A group activity has totally different energy.