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How to sit cross-legged when you are not flexible?

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Sitting cross-legged (Padmasana or Sukhasana)

cross legged


Sitting cross-legged on the floor or on a mat is one of the most preferred sitting postures for practising pranayama and meditation.

Any image that shows someone sitting in meditation is by and large in cross legged position (Padmasana or Sukhasana). This is not without reason. Sitting in cross legged position on floor is based on fundamental basis of Yogic practices.

Why to sit cross-legged at all?

This is valid question asked by many students. The reason is, […]

Updated (Jan 2018): How to prepare for yoga certification (theory) exam?

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Prepare for level 2 Yoga Certification Theory Exam:

[This post is follow up post to what you need to know about voluntary yoga certification exam]

The first question after registering yourself for voluntary yoga certification examination is how to prepare for it?

As a Yoga professional, you know theory as well as practical aspects but the doubt is: is it sufficient to clear the certification process?

For this let’s first understand the context of this exam:

Theory exam

In the early phase of yoga certification stage 1 ( theory exam), […]

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