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Yogi With Coffee



Welcome to the Yogi with coffee dot com. I am Rohit and the person behind this site.

This is me: About

What is Yogi with Coffee all about?

For one, I love coffee. For me this is one of best ways to unwind in city life. Only thing better than this is a practice session at the centre.

This website is about presenting yogic concepts in their depth as well as about their relevance to modern living. There is certain perception about Yoga as way of life. That Yoga is better suited for old people, females, people suffering from lifestyle issues and all.

Nothing can be further from truth. These misconceptions are mainly due to limited published material relate the ancient yogic concepts to current lifestyle choices.

The other reason is unclear viewpoints presented by certain section of Yoga professionals. This website is an effort to present well researched articles on: Health & Well being, teaching skills and upgradation of teacher’s skills as efficient proponent of Yoga.

My experience

I have been practising yoga, pranayama and meditation for over 10 years, teaching these for over 7 years. I have taught and assisted in regular asana & pranayama classes, yoga retreats, corporate sessions & teacher’s training courses.

Along with that I was associated with QCI as Yoga expert for Voluntary Yoga Certification Scheme of Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

Along with classes at Sivananda Yoga centre, Gurgaon, I take stress management sessions, yoga based stretches on chair (popularly called as desk yoga or chair yoga) at corporates dealing in the relatively high-stress environment & sedentary work style.

You can contact me at rohit (at) yogiwithcoffee.com.

The forum is being developed a community of yoga professionals to develop a boundary less platform where better standards for teaching skills and authentic knowledge.