Yogi With Coffee



Welcome to the Yogi with coffee dot com. I am Rohit and the person behind this site.

This is me: 

How did yogiwithcoffee happen?

Well, This happened to be due to a conversation I was having with a fellow yoga teacher, at a cafe. Of course, while sipping coffee 🙂

While the discussion was about some concepts of asana practice, he commented that you explain things and concepts best when you have your cup of coffee in front of you.

For Yogi, this is simply because my spiritual name given by Swamiji is Yogeshwar, in short: Yogi. And coffee, well, the list of activities that can relax me more than a cup of well-prepared coffee is very small.

 I am called a senior teacher of Yoga :), I have been practising yoga, pranayama and meditation for over 10 years, teaching these for over 7 years. Along with classes at Sivananda Yoga centre, I take stress management sessions, chair yoga (the requirements of the times) at corporates dealing in the relatively high-stress environment & sedentary work style.

Apart from yoga, I am MS in Finance and ex-trader who loves technology and voracious reading. I am fascinated by learning new things and sharing the simplified version.

You can contact me at rohit (at) yogiwithcoffee.com. You can send me a mail anytime ( there might be some delay, but I reply to all the emails) or if it related to queries of Yoga, then you can visit the forum at https://theyogatalk.com