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Yogi With Coffee



Welcome to the Yogi with coffee dot com. I am Rohit and the person behind this site.

This is me: 

So why this unusual name?

Well, This happened to be due to a conversation I was having with a fellow yoga teacher, at a cafe. Of course, while sipping coffee 🙂

While the discussion was about some concepts of asana practice, he commented that you explain best when you have your cup of coffee in front of you. You should be a yogi with his coffee or coffee with yogi (which would have looked a copy work).

So, when I was thinking about starting this site/blog, that is the first line that came to my mind and here we are: Yogiwithcoffee.com

For Yogi, this is simply because my spiritual name given by Swamiji is Yogeshwar, in short: Yogi.

 I am a  senior teacher of Yoga. QCI Level 2 & Yoga Alliance certified. Practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation for over 10 years, teaching these for over 7 years.

Also, MS in Finance and ex-trader who loves Yoga, technology and voracious reading.

Fascinated about learning new things and sharing the simplified version.