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Recommended book – Reversing heart disease (read excerpts)

Reversing heart disease I have recently finished reading this book for around 5th time. Reversing heart disease is one such book. Internet is filled with nearly all the information you need. This works well, if you are dealing with a specific question or query. But, when it involves something related to your belief or understanding about 'anything', you need an in depth conversation. Why? Belief is more or less backed by your reasoning and experiences. That is the only way a thought upgrades to belief. Which means to change a belief, the reasoning needs to be satisfied or experience needs [...]

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How to stay healthy when you don’t have time?

"It takes me 2 hours to reach office. There is no time left to do anything other than a little walk after dinner." This is the reality that most of the people who are living in a metropolitan city and working at a distance of more than 10-15 km. Not many of us are lucky to have an office within 10-15 min drive. This is frustrating.  Here you are working hard to have a life where you can live life the way you want too. Which in most cases you are able to do, unless, it is hampered by the [...]

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Yoga for back pain: What you need to know

The anatomy of back pain   If you commuting more than 30 minutes for your office and then sit in front of your computer for more than 6-7 hours, it is a matter of time that you will have back pain issues or in severe cases shoulder freeze too. Even most ergonomically designed chairs are effective only to a point. After some time, there is bound to be a time when you simply slouch. Or sliding hips little away from backrest to rest against the backrest. To put it very mildly, within last 6 months, if you had any issue [...]

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Four paths of Yoga

Table of contents: Intro to four paths of Yoga Jnana(Gyana) Yoga Bhakti Yoga Karma Yoga Raja Yoga Relation between different paths of Yoga The Paths of Yoga The understanding of Yoga has acceptance that as there are different human bodies, so is different human nature. A single approach is not suitable for everyone. As there are different temperament or approaches to life, so are there different paths of Yoga. These paths of yoga are basically main schools which are different from each other with way they approach the concept of practice of yoga. There are many paths of yoga, but [...]

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One day Fast: Types, Benefits & How to do it

What is a Fast? Keeping a fast means to abstain from food for certain amount of predefined of time. But, as per yogic understanding a fast is different from simply abstaining from food. Fasting in yoga means you plan the duration, activity, timing & diet that you will follow for that period. Also, how to break the fast is also given importance in Yogic fast. Fasting in a cleansing technique. Though it is not a part of shatkarma, it does include certain techniques from these cleansing techniques to maximise the benefits of fasting. Benefits of Fasting Fast, especially one day(24-hour) [...]

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A complete introduction to ShatKarma

Shatkarma: What are they? Shatkarma are cleansing techniques (shuddhi kriyas). They are recommended to be done to prepare the body for yoga practices. They are named shatkarma because they are six (shat in Sanskrit) in number. In simplest words: these techniques are done to clean ingestion, digestion and excretory system of our body. These systems mean eyes, respiratory system, digestive system & excretory system. Just like when we take bath, we remove dead skin cells and other pollutants from our skin, shatkarma works on cleaning inside of our body. In yogic view, the process of shatkarma is done to remove [...]

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Level 1 or Level 2, which one to appear for?

Should I appear for Level 1 or Level 2 of Yoga Certification scheme? With growing acceptance and popularity of Voluntary Yoga certification scheme, more and more yoga professionals are registering themselves for Yoga certification exams. You can see the list published on AYUSH ministry website of qualified Yoga Professionals in both Level 1 & level 2 here (AYUSH Official Website Link). Currently, the certification is available for Level 1 (instructor) and Level 2 ( teacher) only. Level 3 & Level 4 are still being finalised and will be announced soon. Now out of these two certifications, anyone who is teaching for [...]

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Common Yoga Protocol – (English & Hindi)

Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) Table of content What is Common Yoga Protocol? Is it useful for everyone? Download CYP documents & Watch it here How to plan it for IDY What is CYP? Common Yoga Protocol or CYP for short is a document & video, published by Ministry of AYUSH(Government of India) to make learning and practice of Yoga simple and accessible to all. This document was prepared with the consultation of leading Yoga experts and head of eminent Yoga institutions. The CYP makes the learning of Yoga as simple as available to all. The documents & video as a [...]

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Yoga can work wonders with your endurance

Stamina: You need stamina. There is no doubt about it. Most of the things that we enjoy or want to do require stamina for the proper experience. Yoga can work gently with your body and still increase your stamina overall. In simplest terms, stamina/endurance(wiki) is defined as your ability to exert yourself before getting tired. Each one of us has difference endurance/stamina, which is dependent on physical health, the task for which we are evaluating ourselves. But still, a healthy human being is supposed to have certain standard endurance as a measurement of health. One of slightly less common but [...]

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Yoga shows the way

Yoga shows the way: This quote is by Swami Vishnudevananda, the founder of Sivananda Yoga Ashrams worldwide and author of NY Times bestseller "The complete illustrated guide to Yoga". This simple quote within itself is like a sutra. It needs to be explored, exploded and experienced to understand properly. In a way, this quote highlights an important part of the attained mind. Making things simple yet profound. We know what the word yoga means, and what it denotes. But here Swami Vishnu (the flying swami, as he was fondly called) is pointing to something more profound. Let's break it down [...]

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